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    Helping Couples Get the Marriage Green Card

    The I-R1 visa, sometimes referred to as the marriage green card or the spouse green card, is an immigrant visa specifically designed to help unite foreign national spouses with their U.S. citizen partners. With a marriage-based green card, the foreign national spouse recipient can enter the United States to live, work, seek an education, obtain a driver’s license, and open a bank account as a legal permanent resident. The I-R1 visa is good for up to a decade and can be renewed indefinitely over a lifetime — or until the foreign-born recipient opts to pursue the pathway to United States citizenship.

    While there are several benefits to being a green card holder in the U.S., that does not mean the visa application process with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is easy. One must meet all the necessary eligibility requirements, have all the necessary documentation on hand, and properly file all the necessary forms in order to successfully petition for a green card. When petitioning for an I-R1 visa, the visa applicant is strongly advised to seek professional legal counsel from experienced immigration lawyers.

    The law firm of Elizabeth Rosario Law, PLC. has extensive experience and knowledge in helping clients such as yourself pursue the American Dream so that married partners can start a life together in the USA. For more information about our legal services, please contact our law office to schedule your initial consultation.

    Who is Eligible for I-R1 Visas?

    First and foremost, a marriage-based green card applicant must show that they and their United States citizen spouse are legally married. This shall include presenting a valid marriage certificate, but it also often involves proving that the marriage is legitimate and ‘bona fide.’

    The U.S. sponsor must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid residential address in the United States. Additionally, they must show that they have adequate income to provide financial support to their foreign national spouse.

    How long the couple has been married will also determine whether they qualify for an I-R1 visa. If they have been married for two years or more, they may qualify. However, if the marriage has lasted for less than two years, the foreign spouse may qualify for a C-R1 visa instead.

    It should be noted that a fiancé visa (a K-1 visa) is not the same thing as a marriage-based green card. K-1 visas are reserved for those who are engaged but yet to be officially married.

    What is the I-R1 Visa Application Process?

    The U.S. citizen spouse begins the process by completing Form I-130 (petition for alien relatives) and then submitting it to the USCIS. If approved, the application is then sent to the National Visa Center (NVC), which then passes along important information to the foreign spouse.

    At the next stage, the foreign spouse must complete Form DS-260 (immigrant visa electronic application). Then, the foreign national spouse will be required to undergo a thorough medical examination and receive all necessary vaccinations.

    Any and all required documentation will be gathered as evidence for later. The foreign national spouse must then attend an interview at their local U.S. Embassy or Consulate. If approved, the I-R1 visa will be issued to the beneficiary spouse.

    With their new visa in hand, the foreign spouse is then allowed to travel freely to the United States. A green card will soon arrive in the mail, granting them lawful permanent residency status.

    What Documents Should Be Included for a Successful I-R1 Visa Petition?

    Foreign spouses will need a number of documents to prove that they are eligible and that their marriage to a U.S. citizen is bona fide.

    Supporting documents may include:

    • A valid passport with at least six months remaining on it.
    • Bills, debts, and other documents that show both spouse’s names.
    • Form I-864.
    • Identification cards and mail that show the same shared address.
    • Marriage certificates (and evidence of prior marriages, if applicable).
    • Police certificates.
    • Two 2×2 photographs of each spouse.

    How Long Might It Take to Get an I-R1 Visa?

    There are no restrictions on how many people may receive an I-R1 visa each year, so the waiting time is considerably shorter than it would be for Family Preference visas.

    Each case is unique, so some will inevitably take longer than others. Most I-R1 visa applications are completed in less than a year, with some only taking approximately eight months.

    To help speed along the process, consider working with the compassionate immigration attorneys of our law firm.

    Do You Need to Hire an I-R1 Visa Lawyer?

    Many visa applicants find themselves overwhelmed by the complexities of the U.S. immigration system’s processes. Without an experienced and compassionate immigration attorney in your corner, your forms could be filed incomplete, evidence could be missing, and a hundred other types of delays may occur to slow down your petition.

    You have to remember that although these visas may have been designed with cases like yours in mind, that does not mean that the law is going to make things easy for you. To help ensure a more positive and timely outcome, work with experienced attorneys familiar with I-R1 marriage visas.

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