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    U visas, also known as U non-immigrant visas, help victims of crimes report their abusers without fear of deportation or detainment. Many individuals in immigrant communities are afraid to report crimes or work with law enforcement agencies because of their immigration status. The U visa was created to protect victims and empower them so they can hold abusers accountable under the law.

    If you are the parent of a U1 visa holder, meaning your child was the victim of a crime and has chosen to apply for a U1 visa, you can apply for a U-4 visa. This visa grants you many of the same benefits as your child will get with a U1 visa, including lawful temporary residence status and an accelerated path to citizenship. If you would like to apply for a U-4 visa, working with an experienced immigration attorney is essential. Our team at Elizabeth Rosario Law, PLC. can help you gather your personal information and file an application for the U-4 visa so you can reap the benefits. To learn more, contact our office today at 616-530-0101

    What is a U-4 Visa?

    A U-4 visa is a type of U visa meant for the parents of a U1 visa holder or applicant. If your child has been the victim of a crime and is planning to apply for a U1 visa, you can apply for a U-4 visa at the same time or a later date. Your child must be under 21 years old and unmarried for you to qualify for a U-4 visa.

    The main purpose of all U visas is to protect victims of crimes from deportation as they work with law enforcement to investigate or prosecute the guilty party. If your child is a victim of a violent crime, they can apply for a U1 visa to get protection and other benefits. Your child must be willing and able to offer information about the crime and help with the investigation. Once your child applies for the U1 visa or is issued the U1 visa, you can apply for a U-4 visa.

    A U-4 visa offers protection against deportation as well as lawful temporary residency for four years. U-2 visas provide protection to the spouses of victims, while U-3 visas offer protection to the children of victims. Most immediate family members are entitled to a U visa. If you have questions about any of the U visas or want to learn more, call our team of attorneys today.

    Who Qualifies for a U-4 Visa?

    If you are the parent of a child with a U1 visa, you likely qualify for a U-4 visa. Your child must also be younger than 21 years old and unmarried. Your child must be eligible for a U1 visa.

    Below are the eligibility criteria for a U1 visa:

    • Your child is or was a victim of a crime
    • Their victimization involved physical or mental abuse
    • Your child can provide information about the crime
    • Your child is admissible to the United States
    • Your child can help law enforcement investigate the crime
    • The crime happened in the United States or violated United States law

    If your child qualifies, they can apply for a U1 visa with help from an attorney on our team. You can apply for a U-4 visa at the same time, or you can wait until they are approved. You must provide information about your child’s visa and the crime they were a victim of when applying.

    How Does the USCIS Define Qualifying Criminal Activities?

    Only certain crimes qualify victims for U visas. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) lists qualifying criminal activities to which you can compare your child’s experience.

    The qualifying criminal activities for a U visa include:

    • Sexual assault
    • Rape
    • Sexual exploitation
    • Abduction
    • Abusive sexual conduct
    • Kidnapping
    • Stalking
    • Torture
    • Involuntary servitude
    • Murder
    • Manslaughter
    • Female genital mutilation
    • Domestic violence
    • Extortion
    • False imprisonment
    • Unlawful criminal restraint
    • Other crimes of a violent or sexual nature

    What Benefits Does the U-4 Visa Provide?

    Anyone issued a U visa gets automatic protection from deportation and detainment. U visas provide lawful permanent residence for four years. After three years of having a U visa, you can work with our team to apply for lawful permanent residence, also known as a green card. Having a U visa makes the path to citizenship much more accessible and, in many cases, much faster.

    If you are living outside of the United States but would still like to apply for a U visa, our team can help. You will still file the same application, but you must be able to travel to a U.S. Embassy or Consulate to have your fingerprints taken as well. We can help you get the application started and make an appointment to get your U-4 visa in a timely manner.

    Can an Immigration Lawyer Help Me?

    Watching your child be a victim of a crime can be very challenging. If your child has applied for a U visa, it means they are brave enough and strong enough to fight back against their abuser and take a stand. It also means that you have an opportunity to apply for a U-4 visa and get the same protection and benefits that your child is getting. If your child qualifies for a U1 visa and is under 21 and unmarried, you can use a U visa to expedite your path to citizenship in the United States.

    Applying for a U visa can be complicated, especially if your child is in the midst of an ongoing investigation. At Elizabeth Rosario Law, PLC., we have helped many of our clients through the application process, and we are confident that we can assist you no matter what your needs are. To talk to an experienced attorney on our team and learn more about our services, call our office today at 616-530-0101