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    Nationwide Lawyers for IR-3 Visas for Adoption

    Providing Immigration Aid to Adoptive Parents

    If you’ve completed the international adoption process, you’re likely looking forward to bringing your child to the U.S. to begin making memories as a family. However, your child will need an IR-3 visa before they can enter the country once they’ve been adopted.

    Fortunately, Elizabeth Rosario Law, PLC. can make it easy for you to apply for this visa. Our nationwide lawyers for IR-3 visas for adoption will ensure your child is eligible before taking you through each step of the application process. Contact us to schedule an initial consultation with caring attorneys.

    What Is the IR-3 Visa?

    The IR-3 visa is an immediate relative visa available to children who were recently adopted from overseas. Your child will need to be approved for this visa before they can enter the U.S., so it’s essential that you apply for it as soon as the international adoption process is over.

    Since this is a family-based visa, there are no long waiting periods like there are with some visas. There is also no limit to the number of IR-3 visas that the government issues annually, so your child should be able to enter the U.S. soon after you apply.

    Once approved, your child can enter the U.S. to live with you. This visa also allows them to attend school and eventually get a work permit, so it’s an essential document to apply for when you adopt a child from another country. Contact our nationwide lawyers for IR-3 visas for adoption for help with this legal process.

    Who Is Eligible for the IR-3 Visa?

    The IR-3 visa has strict requirements that adopted children and their parents are expected to meet. First, the parents must prove that they’re U.S. citizens with a valid address in this country. They must also show they plan to bring the child to live with them. Adoptive parents may be required to pass an eligibility test given by USCIS, as well.

    For an adopted child to be approved for an IR-3 visa, they must be under age 21 and considered eligible according to the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act. They can be from either a Hague or Non-Hague Convention country.

    Additionally, the parents must have adopted the child recently. If it’s been over two years since the adoption was final, the IR-2 visa may be more appropriate for the family. If you’re unsure if your child is eligible for the IR-3 visa, contact Elizabeth Rosario Law, PLC. to talk to a skilled lawyer.

    How Can You Apply for an IR-3 Visa?

    The application process varies depending on whether your child is from a Hague or Non-Hague Convention country. This is because in 1993, the Hague Adoption Convention was created to enact certain rules regarding international adoption. Some countries – referred to as Hague Convention countries – agreed to abide by these rules, meaning adoptive parents have to follow a specific procedure during the adoption process.

    If you’re adopting from a Hague Convention country, you must first choose an adoption organization that is approved by the U.S. government. You can then file Form I-800A with the USCIS, which requires a background check and home study. Once approved, you’ll be matched with a child from your preferred country and will receive documents about their background.

    Once you get an adoption order, you can file Form DS-260 and submit supporting documents to determine if the child is eligible to come to the U.S. If so, you will attend an interview at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate, where you can show your final adoption order and submit any other forms to get your child an IR-3 visa.

    If you adopt from a Non-Hague Convention country, the process is similar but involves submitting different forms to the USCIS. This is why it’s important to hire attorneys who can guide you through the adoption and family immigration steps.

    Are You Ready to Hire Nationwide Lawyers for IR-3 Visas for Adoption?

    If you’re planning to adopt a child from another country, you need to have the required documents to bring them home with you to the U.S. It’s easy to forget critical legal details during this exciting time in your life, which is why you should hire a lawyer during this process.

    When you have an experienced attorney taking care of the legal steps, you can rest assured that your child will get the green card they need to start their life in the U.S. If you have questions about the IR-3 visa, call Elizabeth Rosario Law, PLC. at 616-229-3401 to schedule a consultation with helpful attorneys.