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    Helping Victims of Serious Crimes Seek Justice

    T visas, also called T non-immigrant status visas, were created by the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA) in 2000. T visa holders are protected from deportation and detainment as they seek justice and help law enforcement agencies prosecute criminals who commit serious crimes. Victims of human trafficking, labor trafficking, and sex trafficking often qualify for T visas as long as they are willing and able to provide information about the crimes committed against them.

    As with many immigration services, applying for a T visa can be a long and arduous process. Examining the eligibility criteria, filing an application and personal statement, and making contact with law enforcement agencies can all be overwhelming to victims of such a severe crime. Our attorneys at Elizabeth Rosario Law, PLC. have years of experience assisting clients with immigration and visa services, and we are confident that we can guide you through this process. If you have questions or would like to learn more about our services, reach out today by calling 616-530-0101

    What is a T Visa?

    A T visa is a type of visa that grants T non-immigrant status to visa holders. This temporary status lasts up to four years, provided that the visa holder agrees to assist law enforcement in investigating and prosecuting the crime committed against them. T visa holders are eligible for employment authorization and can even receive certain federal and state benefits.

    T visas are specifically meant for victims of human trafficking. Human trafficking is a form of slavery where abusers use fraud, force, or coercion to obtain labor or services. This trafficking often involves sexual exploitation, including commercial sex work. Victims of these crimes often face mental abuse and physical abuse, leading to psychological trauma that can last for years. T visas give victims of human trafficking a chance to hold these criminals accountable and seek justice for the trauma they have endured without the fear of deportation or detainment.

    Who is Eligible for a T Visa?

    To apply for a T visa, you must meet the eligibility requirements. Most victims of human trafficking are eligible for a T visa. Still, it is always advisable to consult with a T visa lawyer on our team to ensure you meet the criteria.

    You are eligible for a T visa if the following are true:

    • You were trafficked into the United States by way of deception, force, or misrepresentation
    • You were a victim of severe human trafficking
    • You are in the United States, American Samoa, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, or any other port of entry
    • You are willing to comply with requests from law enforcement about the investigation and prosecution of the crimes against you
    • You would suffer extreme hardship if you were removed from the United States
    • You are admissible to the United States

    If you are not admissible to the United States but meet all other requirements, you can submit a waiver of inadmissibility. Contact a T visa attorney on our team for more information.

    What is the Application Process for the T Visa?

    To obtain T visa status, you must complete and file Form I-914, the Application for T Nonimmigrant Status. You must also include a personal statement explaining how you became a victim of human trafficking and detailing the crimes that were committed against you.

    When submitting your application, you must also provide proof that you have cooperated with law enforcement and are willing to continue that cooperation until your case is over. Supporting documents like medical records, sworn witness testimonies, and police reports may also be requested.

    The T visa application process can be challenging, and gathering evidence on your own behalf can be difficult as you parse through criminal investigation records. An immigration attorney on our team can help you fill out your application and submit it so you can receive the T visa benefits you are entitled to.

    How Do You File for an Adjustment of Status with a T Visa?

    One of the main benefits of a T visa is that you can file for an adjustment of status after three years of being a visa holder. You must be present in the United States for all three of those years.

    You must also meet the following requirements to file for an adjustment of status:

    • You have shown good moral character
    • You have complied with requests from law enforcement
    • You will suffer hardship if you are removed from the United States
    • You have retained your T visa for the last three years

    If you meet the qualifications above, you can work with an experienced immigration attorney on our team to file for an adjustment of status. If this adjustment is accepted, you can receive your green card to remain in the United States on lawful permanent residence status. Your family members may also be eligible for T visas that they can use to eventually file for lawful permanent residence as well.

    Can an Immigration Lawyer Help Me?

    Human trafficking is a serious crime and one of the most harrowing experiences you can go through. Victims of human trafficking deserve to be protected as they bring their abusers to justice. If you are a victim of human trafficking and would like to help law enforcement prosecute the criminals responsible for these crimes, obtaining a T visa is the best way to protect yourself. By working with a T visa attorney, you can ensure that your application is submitted correctly with all relevant information so you can receive the immigration benefits you deserve. For more information about the T visa application and how our team can help, contact Elizabeth Rosario Law, PLC., at 616-530-0101.